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UK Collapse & UK Collapse Radio

Welcome to the UK Collapse network

This website is the home of UK Collapse and UK Collapse Radio.

It was decided to merge the two UK Collapse websites, www.uk-collapse.com and www.ukcollapseradio.com into one site.

We are here to document the collapse of human industrial civilisation, whilst creating the awareness of a global Natural Law Resource Based Economy as a viable solution to the current financial paradigm we are currently under which is decaying before our very eyes and with it, the destruction of the world around us as the infinite growth paradigm forces more consumption, more pollution and more social unrest and breakdown.

Please see the UK Collapse menu for further information on collapse and how and what you can do to better prepare yourself and those around you.

Tune in to our internet radio station UK Collapse Radio for our live show's broadcast twice a week as well as a 24hr running loop of thought provoking interviews, documentries and information. 

See the UK Collapse Radio menu for more info on UK Collapse Radio  

We have moved messages left on the UK-Collapse.com guestbook over into one post in this new Guestbook, feel free to leave your own message for others to read.


HomeCollapse NewsMichael C Ruppert R.I.PUK Collapse RadioUK CollapseDonations